Find you REASON

Be motivated to take ACTION

Enjoy the RESULTS

Are you reading this because you’re thinking it’s time to do something different?

If so you’re in the right place.
LET ME HELP YOU be the best YOU



A unique blend of all the best bits from Coaching and Hypnotherapy rolled into one!
See results FAST.
Applicable to all areas of your life


Suffering from:

  • – Stress?
  • – Anxiety?
  • – Panic attacks?
  • – Feeling out of control?


Suffering from:

  • – Insomnia?
  • – Lack of concentration?
  • – Irritability?


Are you:

  • – Tired of dieting?
  • – Constantly thinking about food?
  • – Emotionally eating?

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Changing lives for over 30 years, this workshop really is a game changer.


  • – Identify what is holding you back from living your authentic life.
  • – Understand and accept yourself
  • – Deal with those who don’t want you to grow

What people say about us

Here are comments from individuals who have visited Steps Forward.

… you were able to break through that barrier and allow me to open my mind up to the things I had been so scared of facing. After our chat I felt a relief and a sense of hope that I hadn’t felt for a long time.

Kate – Kettering

Alison’s blend of business experience and coaching skills provide unique insights and empathy facing most business woman today. Her positive attitude is infections.

Kessie – Manchester


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