About me

About me

My happiness is in my control!

As a reformed control freak this was music to my ears! Yes this was my AH HAH! moment when I realised that I had the power to control how others made me feel.
I spent many years putting on the mask and playing the part of the successful business woman. Underneath the polished exterior I had the nagging voice reminding me “you’re not good enough!”, “you’re a fraud!”.

My stress levels were high, and I survived on adrenalin. My mantra being “I work best under pressure”. I ignored the amber lights my body was sending out. However, I had no choice when the red light came on! I was found rocking back and forth in the middle of the room one night. Game over whilst I recovered from a nervous breakdown.

Something had to change. So I turned my life upside down, leaving a marriage and a career and setting off for Thailand and Australia where I spent time alone, just being.

I began to uncover who I really was. I didn’t even known what I liked to eat! I had always been too ready to compromise to please others.
Once I started on my journey I couldn’t stop and became a self-help junkie. I studied Coaching, Hypnotherapy and NLP and attended workshops at the drop of a hat.
I came across the book Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway© by Dr Susan Jeffers and it blew my mind. I had to share the secret with others. Susan gave me the licence to write and run workshops. 10 years on I am still as passionate about these workshops and still get a buzz from running them.
I now work with clients helping them reassess and rebalance their lives, removing ‘stuff’ that has made them believe ‘this is all there is’, or stopped them from daring to dream, or from simply enjoying what they already have.
So what’s stopping you?

  • – Are you anxious, stressed, suffering from panic attacks?
  • – Do you have problems sleeping, relaxing, getting motivated?
  • – Are you are drinking too much or overweight?
  • – Do you suffer from low self-esteem and are constantly beating yourself up?

If you say yes to any of the above, go ahead and book a complimentary session and take Steps Forward to the new you.