Corporate Training

Your Staff Are Your Biggest Asset

 “You must be able to manage yourself before you can manage others”

Your biggest asset is your team

High performing individuals taking responsibility for themselves is the key to a successful business. Are your staff adults or do you feel like the parent? Utilising over 20 years experience in the corporate world and 10+ years self employed I can help you build up a strong, reliable and focused workforce.

I offer standalone services, or I will work with you to produce a development package for your business and staff through a combination of Consultancy, Training and Coaching.

Training Courses including:

  • Communication Skills
  • Confidence and Assertiveness
  • Team Building
  • Leadership and Management
  • Time Management
  • Coaching Your Teams
  • Stepping up into Management


Would your staff benefit from one-to-one focused time, enabling them to go back into the workplace and perform to the best of their abilities?

Challenges could include:

  • Making redundancies
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Building confidence
  • Preparing for promotion
  • Performance management issues


Working with diverse companies from Engineering to Healthcare to Solicitors I have helped and supported business owners to identify problem areas and the resulting impact. Using an empathetic, structured and solution focused approach we work together to get the right resolution for your business and staff.

Want to know more?

I've helped hundreds of people to reshape their life, letting go the past and finding their flow. Using a unique combination of Hypnotherapy, Coaching and a big dollop of life experience I’m all about equipping you with the tools, strategies and most importantly, the mindset to be the best version of yourself. I'll be by your side, supporting, challenging, motivating, guiding and cheering you on. Contact me with any questions or simply book your FREE taster session.

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I’d like to reiterate what I said…it really has been a pleasure working with you and you are genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with.


Over the last eighteen months Alison has provided a wealth of advice and support. Her blend of business experience and coaching skills provide unique insights and empathy facing most business woman today. Her positive and motivation attitude is infectious.


The course Goal setting and time management was like balm to a burn. I run my own business and finding the time to work out where I am heading and how I will do that is really difficult and it is often interrupted with petty problems from every day business issues. On the course Alison aided me to un pick problems and lay them out in a plan.


Many thanks for such an inspirational and motivational talk Alison, the feedback from the members is extremely positive. Can’t wait to get you back again


Due to the growth of the business I became a new manager with a brand new team to manage.  I was struggling to get the best out of the team to deliver work to the required standard and had a particularly difficult member of staff to manage.  Alison has provided practical solutions and sound advice that has proved very effective.  The coaching I have had with Alison has given me the confidence to manage the team effectively and ensure they feel a valued part of the team.  I am hugely grateful to Alison for all she has taught me and cannot recommend her highly enough.


From our 1st phone conversation I knew she was the right person to help me systemise and expand my company. She arrived with her flip chart about 18 months ago and we wrote a business plan made up of simple targets for the expansion including financial plans, staff training, staff motivation and recruitment. We are now exactly on target with highly motivated employees and a positive outlook. I cannot thank or recommend Alison enough. With her “”SMART”” goals and saying of “”Feel the Fear and do it anyway”” she has helped create a happy efficient and positive team by coaching me personally, the team together and individuals when required. We are now exactly on target with highly motivated employees and a positive outlook. We have now finished with the scheme but its great to know that Alison will be there to help us in the future.


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