Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway® Workshops

Based on the worldwide bestselling book,
Feel the Fear… and Do It Anyway® 

Transforming individuals and workplaces for thirty years.

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway® Workshops


Having been a licenced Trainer for over a decade, I have fine-tuned these workshops to bring you a truly unique experience which doesn’t end after the training.

Does fear:

  • Cause you to panic in social situations?
  • Make you say ‘No!’ to anything new?
  • Make you frightened of being alone?
  • Leave you feeling drained and exhausted?
  • Stop you from ending or starting a relationship?
  • Prevent you developing your career?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ then this workshop is for you. You will:

  • Find what you really want from life and how to get it.
  • Learn how to let go of your past.
  • Deal with those who don’t want you to grow.
  • Take away a selection of easy to use tools and strategies.
  • Be motivated and inspired to do something different immediately.

These workshops can be held in a location to suit you. In-house training is also available.

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Self Help Groups

  • Are you ready to do something different but not sure what?
  • Do you want to continue growing and Feeling The Fear?
  • Are you looking to connect with like minded people?
  • Are you looking for a safe and supportive environment to ask questions and get support?

These 2 hour Self Help Group evening meetings are designed to support your growth.
We work through topics in the book combining them with other useful and inspirational ideas, theories and tools


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Want to know more?

I've helped hundreds of people to reshape their life, letting go the past and finding their flow. Using a unique combination of Hypnotherapy, Coaching and a big dollop of life experience I’m all about equipping you with the tools, strategies and most importantly, the mindset to be the best version of yourself. I'll be by your side, supporting, challenging, motivating, guiding and cheering you on. Contact me with any questions or simply book your FREE taster session.

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Alison’s drive, passion and enthusiasm for helping people reach their true potential has made her into one of my best and most inspirational Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® trainers.

Dr Susan Jeffers Ph.D.

I attended the one day workshop after reading the “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway” book as I wanted to learn more – I certainly achieved this objective!  Even prior to the course I was encouraged to explore my emotions and feelings with some very interesting and thought provoking pre-course work.  The course itself was brilliant, enabling me to analyse areas of my life I wanted to develop and plan that journey.  Alison as part of the course also gives a follow one to one session which has been useful to further progress my goals and aspirations.  I would highly recommend her course.


I have to say with no exaggeration, that certain elements I learnt that day have and will literally change my life.


The day is a real investment in yourself – yes some quality time just for you! And in addition, you’ll leave with many helpful tips, some challenging thoughts, various resources and a number of personalised actions


Doing Alison`s Feel the Fear Course, helped me to get to my last step and I have just been able to come off my anti depressants at last after nearly 4 Years


Can highly recommend Alison’s workshop, she rocked my world AND it has stuck


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