Keep That Summer Feeling

Keep That Summer Feeling

As Summer draws to a close does it mean the holiday feeling has to go?

Do you feel a sense of dread as the cooler, darker days of Autumn arrive?

Do you count the days down until your next break from work or count down to the weekend?

I vividly remember, back in my ‘old life’, when I would count down the days and hours to the next holiday, Bank Holiday and weekend. As soon as one was over it was ‘when’s the next one?’ You can even get an app which counts you down to your next event, it literally counts away the seconds of your life!

On a recent Leadership and Management course a lady shared with the room that she ticked of the hours from when she arrived at work until she left, she said it was the only way she could get through the day. There was a shocked and sadden reaction from the room, she was wasting so much of her life doing something she said she ‘hated’. ‘I’m stuck’, ‘I can’t afford to change’, ‘I can’t do anything else’, ‘I’m too old’. I hear all these lies that we tell ourselves and more when a client first sits in the chair.

Overwhelmed and exhausted by life they want me to make it better, to tell them what to do. There’s no magic involved, it’s not difficult to change your life.


It’s about COMMITMENT and DISCIPLINE. Once you are committed it’s much easier to become disciplined.

Commitment – to the life you desire. The most painful part for a lot of clients is to let go and commit to a new way of life. I ask them what do they want and they pour out all the things they don’t want. Again I will ask ‘What do you want instead?’ and they will brush it off with ‘I don’t know’ and return to telling me about their pain. Pain they often wear with pride. You have to commit to change, commit to letting go, commit to trying something new.

Here’s some tips for helping you find what you want to commit to:

Step 1 – Visualise it –  stop and dream, give yourself space and time to picture what you want life to look like for you (not anyone else). Don’t restrict yourself with your own limiting beliefs. At this stage it might be a very distant and vague picture or idea. This is where a lot of people stop, if you stop at this stage you have nothing but a dream. Commitment to your dream allows it to become reality.

Step 2 – Document it – write it down, draw it, mind map it, whatever works for you. We’re still at high level thoughts and ideas, don’t think too deeply.

Step 3 – Validate it – ask yourself ‘if I had this what would it mean?’ or ‘Why would I want this?’ It has to be important to you otherwise you won’t fully commit.

Step 4 – Set your intention – you will now start to develop you intention. E.g. I want to work for myself, I want to find a partner, I want to paint the living room, I want to be healthy. This is your end goal statement.

Step 5 – Draw the map – you now have an end goal, even if it’s vague at least you are setting off. Once you get traction you will review and refine. Give that end goal a date, it is just a finger in the air guesstimate at the moment, but this step is very important in gaining commitment.

Step 6 – Small steps – work backwards in time chunks from the end date to now. Asking yourself ‘what would I need to have done by this date in order to achieve the end goal?’. The nearer to today you get the more detail you will have. NOTE – you do not have to know every step!

Step 7 –  Plan your ACTION – You now have a plan of action. Schedule this into your life and make it a regular activity, even if it’s 10 minutes a day.

Step 8 – Take ACTION – put you plan into action. As you take action review and revise to ensure you are still going in the direction that is right for you. There’s no prizes for achieving something you didn’t want. Oh and remember to reward yourself along the way. Remember:


I hope you find these tips useful and that Summer feeling becomes your norm. If you would like to chat through your ideas and options then please contact me

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