No Alcohol on School Days!

No Alcohol on School Days!
  • – Has weekend drinking turned into ‘most’ night drinking?
  • – Do you wake up berating yourself for having a drink last night?
  • – Does your will power waive in the evening and you promise yourself that you’ll have just one glass?

This is where my client was at when she decided enough was enough.

“I’m a 41 year old female with a professional job, gorgeous home, lovely partner, dogs, horses….all is positive…except how much I am now drinking. It has crept up on me very slowly and I’m embarrassed to say, over a number of years. A glass of wine a night turned into a bottle and then gradually one and a half…….maybe more

And it’s time to change!

Drinking me looks like this – listless, tired, self loathing (lots of that!), lazy, dull skin, puffy eyes, not productive on a weekend, late for work, oh and skint!

So I decided to contact Alison for help. I met Alison about 2 years ago when I was on a Management course that she was running, so I knew her style and I trusted her not to judge me.

I booked 4 sessions of hypnotherapy. My goal was to reduce my wine intake.

I can now see clearly the life I want to have with my partner, and I see a way of getting there.

I can go alcohol free in the week by using the techniques taught by Alison. I’m not saying I’m perfect at it but I am learning and I now can see a different way of existing, or rather LIVING

None drinking me looks like this – positive, optimistic, productive, aware, alert, happy, bright skin, using my precious free time productively, I read, I sleep sooooo well, I enjoy lime and soda and juices, I walk the dogs more. I like none drinking me. I am getting back my self-respect.

I now get angry at how much the TV focuses upon alcohol, it’s everywhere you look, and the marketing of it is superb! I want things to become even better for me and my future and I am currently at a point where I am considering stopping drinking completely as the good days are so good!

Alison, thank you for your knowledge, support and understanding, and for not judging.”

Contact me  or call 07803 254 591, if any of this rings true with you and have a chat to find out if you are ready to get your life back.

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